Concussion Policy

We take the issue of brain injuries very seriously and want to make sure all our athletes, parents and coaches are well informed on the issue of brain injuries and TBI.  If you are a athlete, parent or coach we recommend that you view this small video on brain injury.  All athletes, parents and coaches will be given important information regarding concussion and TBI.  See our Concussion Policy below.

Brain Injury video
Village of Champions Sports (VOC) Concussion Policy
Village of Champions Youth Network and Village of Champions Sports recognizes the potential danger and long term health consequences of a traumatic brain injury. This policy is intended to standardize an educational curriculum for all Coaches, Parents and Athletes as well as an administrative guideline for the VOC Directors and Commissioners as well as provide easy to understand guidelines related to players who have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having a concussion.
Coaches requirement:
·         We require all coaches to watch the following  educational video at least once every two years.  
o    “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports Online Concussion Training” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You will be required to create an account.
Click here for the video
·         Coaches will review and take the CDC online awareness for concussion course and take the quiz.  Print out the certificate and submit it to the Village of Champions Athletic Director.  
·         When a Coach volunteers to coach (part of the online registration process) the Coach will be required to answer Yes or No to a question “Have you completed one of the authorized Concussion Training videos in the past two years”
·         Before each season, all Coaches will be given a copy of CDC’s “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports, A Fact Sheet for Coaches” document to be approved by VOC administration.
Coaches Policy procedures:
1.    The coach will insure parent or guardian receives a copy of the concussion policy.
2.    In the event a coach finds an Athlete with a concussion according to the symptoms, remove the Athlete from the game/practice. (If in doubt sit them out.)
3.    In the event of loss of consciousness, the coach will call 911 or will instruct another adult to call 911. The coach will then have the Athlete sent to the emergency room via ambulance.
4.    The coach will notify the parent or guardian that their child has a potential concussion and he/she needs to follow the procedure to re-enter sports activities.
5.    If the symptoms do not warrant hospitalization the coach may release the Athlete to the parent or guardian and advise them to take him/her to their Primary Physician for evaluation.
6.    The coach will insure that the Athlete has proper approval prior to letting the athlete engage in any sport activities. (i.e. Letter from the athletes Primary Physician stating he/she can return to playing sports)
7.    The coach will complete and submit an incident report to VOC’s Athletic Director. 
8.    If for any reason an athlete returns and the coach feels that they are not ready to engage in the sport, the coach has the right to remove the athlete again. In this case refer back to Procedure 2.
9.    The Athletic Director will send a copy of the incident report to the VOC Quality Care Advisor (QCA) and subsequently file the report.
Coaches in this instance means all volunteer or paid coaches.  Which includes Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches
1.    Parents/Guardians are expected to review the concussion hand out for parents and coaches as well as this procedure. If a parent/guardian is not at the sports event and notified that their child is going to the hospital, it is expected that the parent/guardian report or respond to the hospital.  (Reporting or responding to the sports event can slow the transport and or treatment waiting for your arrival.)
2.    When a parent registers their Athlete they will be required to check a box agreeing to the following: “If my child is diagnosed with a concussion during a Village of Champions sports activity, or during ANY OTHER ACTIVITY including those outside of VOC, or if my child has a prior head injury, I will inform my child’s Coach of such diagnosis prior to the start of the season or before my child returns to play.”
3.    At the start of each season, parents will receive an e-mail from Village of Champions that includes:
o    A brief explanation of our concussion policy and the importance of the parent’s role in understanding it.
o    A link to the Policy on the Village of Champions website.
o    An electronic copy of CDC’s “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports, A Fact Sheet for Parents” document or a similar document to be approved by VOC.
o    A link to each of the two approved education videos mentioned above.
4.    Parents/Guardian may choose to take their child to a Neurologist that specializes in Concussion / TBI for further evaluation.
5.    In order to return your child to sports activity you will need proper approval. Proper approval is a note from the Primary Physician to the Coaches stating that your child has been under his/her care and is able to return to sports activities.
6.    It is recommended that if your child has a concussion that he/she be seen by a         neurologist prior to returning to sports activities.  However, a health care provider that is familiar with concussion will suffice to return to sports activities. 
1.    All Athletes will be given a copy of CDC’s “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth
Sports, A Fact Sheet for Players” document.
2.    Prior to starting the sport, all Athletes will be asked to watch either of the approved education videos with their Parent/Guardian mentioned above at least once every two years.
3.    If an Athlete takes a hit to the head and feels dizzy, nauseous or feel faint, he/she will notify the coach immediately.
4.    All Athletes will listen to the directions of the coach if he/she is taken out of the game.
5.    Each Athlete is expected to immediately report to their coaches any fellow
Athlete complaining of concussion like symptoms and/or acting confused or disoriented.
Athletic Director:
1.    Will gather all incident report from the coach and send a copy to the QCA
2.    Will request a letter from the parent/guardian that the Athlete was seen by a Primary Physician and is now able to play in contact sports.
3.    Will notify the coaches that the proper documents have been approved by the QCA and the Athlete is cleared to play in contact sports.
4.    Will secure all reports and medical information on each Athlete and abide by the all HIPAA rules and regulations.