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VOC was formed in May 2008 by a group of concerned fathers and community leaders with two goals: 

1. Provide safe environments for young people to play sports and provide opportunities for them to give back to their communities. 
2. Empower the leaders and mentors in the community with resources so they could design flexible programs that would have a direct impact on the youth and the community.  

Over the years, VOC has partnered with many significant stakeholders in various communities that hold to the same philosophy and mission.  The leaders of VOC saw there was a need to address what were the most crucial components to developing a child.  Playing sports and remaining physically fit was the driving mission for the first 2 years of VOC.  It became apparent that the vast majority of Student Athletes that were participating on the various teams were in need of basic life skills to help them survive and succeed. Through the 'Options" program, many Student Athletes started receiving help with tutoring, college readiness activities, group and individual mentoring, work force development activities and community service initiatives.  Around the 5th year of VOC's existence, there was a strong effort to recruit volunteers and train them.  A key outcome was to find committed people from the community that wanted to improve the quality of life for children and youth and as a result a network of trained coaches and mentors was developed.   

Today, VOC provides a education, social and sports platform where youth can be active, improve their physical fitness and remain athletically competitive in their chosen sport.. The sport programs are designed to build character and confidence as well as teach sportsmanship, teamwork, and encourage youth to become participants in civic and community service initiatives.

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