Career Readiness


Village of Champions believes that all student athletes of work age should be offered the same opportunities as all youth in America.  Our aim is to identify key educational and work readiness needs to be able to design a postsecondary curriculum that will help youth transition into the workforce with the necessary job skills that most employers require.  We hope to bridge the work skills mismatch between employer and youth.  We are open to partner with any employer of any industry with the hopes that our youth can be selected to participate as a full, part or seasonal employee.  We seek to match youth with employers that may want to recruit them as an apprentice, an intern or volunteer.  As such, we hope our youth will continue to demonstrate 21st century workforce development skills through these experiences. 

Through our on-going relationship with Philadelphia Youth Network’s Work Ready Program, we continue to employ youth ages 14-21 for summer employment. During our summer work ready project we hire and train youth on the basic and standard workforce skills, etiquettes and behaviors.  We then closely review their job descriptions with them and work with their parents to ensure the youth will submit all the required human resource documents as may be required by their employer, i.e. social security card, birth certificate, proper identification. Once the youth start summer employment, our Work Ready Coordinator plays and important liaison role with Village of Champions Youth Network, the employer and the Philadelphia Youth Network for 6 weeks.

Our summer work ready program begins in March/April with a 4 week work ready preparedness workshop, where we partner with the local Pennsylvania Career Link, Philadelphia Department of Recreation, State and Local elected officials to identify possible employers in the community that may consider hiring youth for the summer.  The workshops are important because for those youth who participate, they will have a head-start by being prepared for summer employment.