The program includes fall and summer basketball which consist of a High School Basketball League, Developmental Basketball Clinic (Drills & Skills), a Middle School Basketball League and various basketball tournaments. The objective is to prepare and develop Student Athletes to compete on the high school and middle school level. Our Drills & Skills Clinic consist of youth both male and female ages is 6 to 18 and is meant to condition, teach, evaluate, encourage and award the Student Athlete as they develop their basketball knowledge and skills.

Student Athletes are not just evaluated for their basketball abilities; they are also being assessed on how well they interact socially as well as their academic progress at their respective schools. The program is meant to award Student Athletes for their basketball development, academic achievements and community involvement.  As the Student Athlete learn the game of basketball, they are introduced to workshops that highlights sports, life skills building, health and nutrition as a microcosm of life that results in better decision making and healthier life styles. More importantly, they learn how to humbly accept victory and graciously accept defeat. The fall basketball program begins every Saturday from September to April. The summer basketball program runs from June to July two days a week.

Each December during spring break, a group of coaches from West Philadelphia team up to host a community basketball tournament.  The coaches are committed and concerned parents and mentors of youth.  In conjunction with State Representative Morgan Cephas of the 192nd District and Councilman Curtis Jones safe community initiative, the coaches create and plan a two day Basketball tournament and Life Skills Workshop with the aim of unifying communities and fostering brotherhood among youth.

For the past 4 years the tournament has grown significantly.  Village of Champions has been at the forefront of organizing and coordinating this tournament along with the support and dedication of Morgan Cephas, Curtis Jones, Michael King of VOC, Kelly Dupree of PYDC, Coach Maurice of the Philly Hurricanes, and Coach Reason from Sharron Baptist Church, Overbrook High School and Discovery Charter School.  The communities that are normally represented are Overbrook, Overbrook Park, Wynfield, Wyndfield Heights, and Shepard Recreation Center and Tustin Recreation Center.
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Basketball Referee Hand Signals from Mitch Hrdlicka on Vimeo.