November 29, 2018

Please read- New practice location

Good evening Parents.

We just got notice fro Papa Playground that we can use the Lamberton Gym for our team practices on Thursday's and Friday's from 6pm-730pm. We will still be using Cobbs creek Recreation on Saturday mornings 1030pm-1230pm.

NOTE: We can only use Cobbs Creek on Saturdays until December 31st.

This week we were told that our players born 2017 can't play in the U11 league but they can play in the U12 league however, our players born 2008, 2009, 2010 can play up in the U12 league.  This means they are allowing us to put 2 teams in the league this year. We don't want to move the 2008, 2009, 2010 players up to the U12 league because they will get slaughtered. 

A suggestion posed by the League Dirctor was to allow some of our U11 kids play up on the U12 team to make up a full team. Current we only have 3 players born 2017. The league is a 5x5 league. Ideally we would only need to pick 2 or 3 of the most skilled players from the U11 team to play with the U12 team. That's something the coaches will have to determine.

These changes will put a strain on our volunteer coaching staff. We are asking if any parents who may be nterested or know of a friend or family member interested in helping us with managing any one of the two teams, please let us know very soon.

Coach Mike has to get an answer back to the league By this Monday Dec 3rd. If we cant pull this off, there will be players who won't play in the league this year. We know how bad your kids want to be involved in competition this year. We hope you can help us.

Thank you,

Contact: 267-753-5119