October 26, 2018

Please read--Soccer practice cancelled

Good morning Parents:

This weekend's forecast shows rain and cold. Unfortunately we have to cancel soccer this Saturday.

GREAT NEWS!! We will be moving indoors at the Lamberton school very soon. We are patiently waiting for the Philadelphia school district to give us permission to enter the facility. We project this to happen by next week. Also, if you haven't already registered, please do so now so we can get an idea of the number of youth we will be carrying on our Wolfpack Indoor team for the upcoming PPR indoor Leaugue.

Finally, we will be running a 6 weeks basketball program at cobbs creek recreation center starting in November. We will have registration information available for you this week. This 6 weeks program is for ages 3-5. After the 6 weeks program, we will continue our developmental basketball program and camps for ages 6-12. Thank you for all your understanding and patience. Any questions or concerns, please call or email.