May 05, 2018

Great day for fun and exercise

Good morning Parent(s)

This is a great morning to exercise and get the muscles moving. Soccer is a sport that will challenge the cardiovascular system and help develop coordination and focus on timing and control. We believe that In order for our players to be in the right frame of mind and remain healthy enough to play sports, they must eat breakfast 1 hour prior to coming out to field. We stress that our players drink plenty of water throughout the day and after they leave the field, continue to consume water and eat a balanced meal to carry them into the next day. We close out with asking them them to get plenty of rest. We suggest that they get 8 hours of full rest.

Although we know that these request can be challenging to the parents at times, we are asking the players to be responsible and follow your instructions and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink water and get plenty of rest and do the assigned chores if they have any. Thank you for allowing us to be Coaches and role models in your child's life.

Nutrition Facts from a Harvard Study

-Coach Corp-

Soccer practice today on the Papa Playground field 6839 Lansdowne Ave Philadelphia, PA 19151

Time 10am-12pm

Lesson: Dribbling, ball control, team movement, defense and offense

What to wear and bring: Sweat shirts, sweat pants, Cleats, shin Guards (if you have), Water bottle, smile and energy

Thank you